Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Unit

  • 2

    Foundations: Setting Up Your Website's Back End

    • Unit terms, products, and definitions

    • Get started with GoDaddy Managed WordPress

    • Purchase Your Theme - Divi by Elegant Themes

    • How To Set Up GoDaddy Ultimate Managed WordPress Hosting

    • Install Your Theme and Core Plugins

    • Authenticate Your Divi License

    • How to Update Themes, Plugins, and WordPress on the Front End

    • Establish Your Default Color Scheme

    • Watch This and Download The Attached File Before Setting Up Font Defaults

    • Set a Static Home Page

    • Set Up Font Defaults

    • Place Your Logo in the Header

    • Customize Appearance Settings

    • Configure Remaining WordPress Settings

    • How Was This Unit?

  • 3

    Home Page (Your First In Depth Guide to Your Website Using Divi)

    • Home Page Creation Preview

    • Set Up Ninja Forms (In Preparation For Your First Call To Action)

    • Top Section (Above The Fold)

    • Top Section Alternate Form - Email Subscription

    • About Section with Photo or Video

    • Three Blurbs (Steps, Features, or Processes)

    • Deep Below the Fold Content and Testimonial Blurbs

    • Custom Blog Sections

    • Custom Global Footer

    • Multi Screen Format Checks (Mobile and Tablet)

    • (Optional) Create a One Page Website Style Main Menu

    • How Was This Unit?

  • 4

    About Page

    • Step By Step Video Guide

    • How Was This Unit?

  • 5

    Blog and Projects Pages (and Post Basics)

    • Introduction to Blogs and Projects

  • 6

    Contact Page

    • Set Up Your reCAPTCHA

    • Creating a Form with Ninja Forms

    • Creating Your Page

    • How Was This Unit?

  • 7

    Content Creation and Curation

    • Content Document (Use this as a guide for the content you will need for this website)

    • How to Create a Logo

    • How Was This Unit?

  • 8

    Extra Skills

    • SEO, Paid Search, and Key Resources

    • How I Photoshop Images of People and Remove Backgrounds

    • Resize Large Groups of Images Photoshop Image Processor